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I'm Rose/友紀! 19 years old and an epic loser. I draw things and occasionally reblog things and occasionally respond to posts with my boring opinions. English OK, 日本語OK, other languages varying levels of not so OK.

this loser     

匿名 asked: What paper was your mawaru penguindrum print printed on?

Uh the MPD print’s been around since 2011 so it’s been reprinted at least 12 times…. It depends what con you saw it at ;;;

However just for casual reference, I’ve had my stuff printed at 4 different places :

Fireball printing - 100lb gloss card
Staples - 80lb coated gloss
Catprint : Matte light card
The Printing House : 100lb uncoated card

匿名 asked: Hi Rose! May I ask what type of paper do you have your prints printed on?

It varies since I get my stuff printed at different places depending on if it’s a bulk order or a rush job but generally it’s some type of 100lb uncoated cardstock ;;;

匿名 asked: Hi Rose! I was reading up on some guides for tabling at a con, and some mentioned a seller's permit? The writers seem to be from the US, so I'm wondering does this apply to you + other artists you know? Thanks!

The US is a lot stricter with the sellers permits and I had to apply for one when I went to AX, but in Canada we don’t need them unless we’re making a significant amount of money, and it’s in the figure range where it’s a concern for dealers room but not normally artists’ alley. Basically if you make over a certain amount (I think it’s around 5k but I’m not entirely sure), the provincial government might be wanting to tax you on that, but profit margins for AA generally hover at least for me around half that figure so I don’t have to worry about it.

The convention you’re going to will (or at least should) alert you as to whether or not you need a permit to sell there, so if the artist alley registration agreement or contract doesn’t mention it, you probably don’t need it ;;

匿名 asked: I suffer from severe depression and it's at the point where they want to force me to go on anti-depressants since it's a life-risk if I don't. I go to therapy and I can say that talking to someone who is there to listen can really help. It was awkward and nerveracking to talk to a stranger about my most personal issues but in the long run it can save you. You're amazing and I hope you find your happiness. I know that terrible, suffocating feeling. If you ever need someone, you aren't alone.

Thank you so much ;;;; I haven’t really tried therapy in a long time because I just feel…. Well, kind of stupid when I talk about my problems since they seem like a big deal until I actually talk about them and then they seem like a small deal that I’m blowing way out I proportion…. Ahaha

L-let’s both try to get through this ;;

I wrote this so that maybe the people I love can believe what I can’t.


brownrabbits asked: Y u so cute

I’m not cute!!1!1!1 (♯`∧´) I’m very manly

匿名 asked: Stay strong my friend, you're such a beautiful person.

I’m the farthest thing from beautiful ahaha //cries but I’ll do my best to keep going with my life and keep working hard!! Aaaa OTL

匿名 asked: Rose, sweetheart, do you also suffer from depression? I was too shy to talk to you at AR but I would recommend a good book if possible! Funny shows like Nichijou or Danshi Koukousei are great too.

Ahh while I do suffer from depression I don’t take antidepressants ;;; I just started a new bunch of painkillers for my other health problems eheh so that’s what these are

I’ll check out the shows aaa th-thanks!!

lionphil asked: Hello Rose! I stopped by your table during AR and I really wanted to talk to you, but I was really shy and ended up standing by your table for the longest time ever then just walked away and then coming back a few min after;;; I wanted to say that I love your art soooo much and you're beautiful in person! The ends of your hair are really cute! I bought your Nonon print and ended up running away;;;; Anyway, I hope to see you again at another con! I will talk to you for sure next time!! ;v;

Waah hi there!! Omg please don’t be so shy next time ;____; talking to people rly cheers me up at cons I won’t get mad eheh ;;;;; but aaa thank you so much ;;;; that’s rly sweet of you to say omg

I’ll probably be at akimatsuri this year in November but that’ll most likely be my last con for the year…. Conventions really take it out of me because I work full time so prepping is hard and after this con I sort of realised I wasn’t able to give the convention my all so maybe it’s best to take a little break ;;;

匿名 asked: I was at your booth today and checked out your artwork. Your art is beautiful and I really wanted to tell you in person but you seemed to be dealing with some things so I got really hesitant. If you are dealing with some things, remember that you're super talented and I wish I could tell you things will get better soon!

Thank you so much ;____; I wasn’t feeling well on the weekend and I felt really guilty about being so grumpy during the con ;;; it means a lot to me to hear that you liked my art and hopefully we’ll see eachother at another con when I’m not so tired and awkward aldkajdjs sorry

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