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I'm Rose/友紀! 19 years old and an epic loser. I draw things and occasionally reblog things and occasionally respond to posts with my boring opinions. English OK, 日本語OK, other languages varying levels of not so OK.

this loser     

Fireworks tonight aaaaa

Fireworks tonight aaaaa

Possible tattoo drawing I — well — uh — ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Possible tattoo drawing I — well — uh — ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

匿名 asked: Hi! I noticed you are/were in the RP community on DA. Were there people that were too much to handle?

Hey there! Um I exited the rp community on dA because I have several jobs and other rl factors that make keeping up with rp activity checks very hard, so I’m not all that active anymore…. So…

I met most of my online friends through rp groups and it was very nice to reconnect with many of them during AX this year!! While there were some people who were consistently in the same rp groups as me that I personally had some differences with I don’t really see the point of airing my dirty laundry on tumblr ;; on dA, the same people join the new groups that come out and so you’re thrown together with the same people over and over. Having to interact in group scenarios with a bunch of people you didn’t necessarily choose to be with for months on end means that there will eventually be drama! ;;;

匿名 asked: I got clip studio paint and when I try to resize my lineart it gets super blurry? does yours do that? I'm still on the trial version, so maybe thats why...

wait how are you resizing it? are you making it larger or smaller? ;; I never actually resize my lineart in CLIP, I resize everything at the end in photoshop so I’ve never had any problems ;;

匿名 asked: do you have an instagram? ? because if you dont, I think your art is being stolen? I want to make sure its you

um I do have instagram! it’s the same as my username here and has been linked repeatedly in my posts here so um y-yes it’s legit ;;

prepare to be pummelled cheerfully, jauntily, and completely one-sidedly!

nonon print for AX!

prepare to be pummelled cheerfully, jauntily, and completely one-sidedly!

nonon print for AX!

匿名 asked: Hey I was wondering if you were going to anime revolution this year

Yeah I’m tabling there with jaciopara ! ;;

Dear Mikasa girl with scarf and titan PJs

I went to reply to your message while I was sleepy and deleted it instead I’m so sorry ;____; I really wanted to follow you so if you see this please let me know so I can find you again!! I’m so sorry augh



Hey guys! Rose, Time and I will be tabling at AX this year! We’ll be over at Table H31, right over near the middle there! We’ll have posters, prints, stickers, charms and buttons! I’ll also be offering traditional and digital sketch commissions, as well as celshaded digital commissions because i’m maso.

Anime Expo is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 3-6. Hope to see you guys there! 

L-let’s all have fun together!!

匿名 asked: um, hi. I was wondering how you make see-through clothing? it always looks so nice when you do it >///<

Oh! Um for the semi-transparent clothing I just uh…. well I draw the full body first and then I make the clothes on a separate layer, and then when I colour in the clothing I reduce the opacity ;; 

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