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I'm Rose/友紀! 19 years old and an epic loser. I draw things and occasionally reblog things and occasionally respond to posts with my boring opinions. English OK, 日本語OK, other languages varying levels of not so OK.

this loser     

brownrabbits asked: Y u so cute

I’m not cute!!1!1!1 (♯`∧´) I’m very manly

匿名 asked: Stay strong my friend, you're such a beautiful person.

I’m the farthest thing from beautiful ahaha //cries but I’ll do my best to keep going with my life and keep working hard!! Aaaa OTL

匿名 asked: Rose, sweetheart, do you also suffer from depression? I was too shy to talk to you at AR but I would recommend a good book if possible! Funny shows like Nichijou or Danshi Koukousei are great too.

Ahh while I do suffer from depression I don’t take antidepressants ;;; I just started a new bunch of painkillers for my other health problems eheh so that’s what these are

I’ll check out the shows aaa th-thanks!!

So my doctor gave me new meds

And they’re supposed to both make me rly happy and also mess up my sleep

But also make me feel a lot better so mad respect for these new meds

Also I have work in like 6 hrs

Uhh basically I’m looking to kill time any shows/amusing videos/music/things to talk about/recommend?? Idk are people even awake

lionphil asked: Hello Rose! I stopped by your table during AR and I really wanted to talk to you, but I was really shy and ended up standing by your table for the longest time ever then just walked away and then coming back a few min after;;; I wanted to say that I love your art soooo much and you're beautiful in person! The ends of your hair are really cute! I bought your Nonon print and ended up running away;;;; Anyway, I hope to see you again at another con! I will talk to you for sure next time!! ;v;

Waah hi there!! Omg please don’t be so shy next time ;____; talking to people rly cheers me up at cons I won’t get mad eheh ;;;;; but aaa thank you so much ;;;; that’s rly sweet of you to say omg

I’ll probably be at akimatsuri this year in November but that’ll most likely be my last con for the year…. Conventions really take it out of me because I work full time so prepping is hard and after this con I sort of realised I wasn’t able to give the convention my all so maybe it’s best to take a little break ;;;

匿名 asked: I was at your booth today and checked out your artwork. Your art is beautiful and I really wanted to tell you in person but you seemed to be dealing with some things so I got really hesitant. If you are dealing with some things, remember that you're super talented and I wish I could tell you things will get better soon!

Thank you so much ;____; I wasn’t feeling well on the weekend and I felt really guilty about being so grumpy during the con ;;; it means a lot to me to hear that you liked my art and hopefully we’ll see eachother at another con when I’m not so tired and awkward aldkajdjs sorry

snowpoke asked: I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY THAT I BOUGHT YOUR GOU PRINT YESTERDAY AND oh my god it's absolutely stunning!! I love it a lot aaaa I hope you're feeling better as well!!

Waah thank you so much!! Q D Q I’m so happy you like it aaa

hello my name is bony ass

I really don’t appreciate when people promote a certain body type by simultaneously putting down another body type. Being comfortable and proud of your appearance is wonderful and all but to do so at the expense of others is just ridiculous.

Just as putting down a girl with curves for being “heavy” and expecting her to lose weight is unacceptable, dismissing slim girls as “bony bitches” is equally unfair. The way someone looks is the way they’re meant to look because that’s what nature gave them, and expecting anyone to change to suit your own ideals and mocking them if they don’t meet your standards of beauty is a very cruel way of raising your own self-esteem.

I’m very small, and as a child, I never enjoyed wearing jeans because they were always too baggy on me and kept falling down because I have no hips. It is very difficult for me to gain weight regardless of how much I eat, and the fact that I am so bony is something that I’ve always been self-conscious and quite embarrassed about. I feel like people need to realize that everyone has some points that they’re self-conscious about, but they differ from person to person and might be difficult for others to understand.

It’s important to love your body, but why promote your body type as the ideal? Honestly, the actual ideal here is simply to be able to love your body, whatever body you have.

reyrah asked: Hi there! I've been following you for a while now and I'd just like to say that you're an amazing person for being able to put up and deal with customers in the service industry, how some treat others' art, and still be so kind to all people that ask you questions. It's really admirable; it takes a certain kind of strength found in few people, nowadays. Also, your art is stunning and never fails to leave me awestruck! Please keep up the great work! Is there any chance I could commission you?

I actually saw this message last night and couldn’t figure out a response that was adequately grateful enough since I’m very touched eheh ;;; th-thank you

Currently I’m not taking on commissions as I’m busy with a lot of other work-related things, sorry ;;;; feel free to send in the commission form regardless though and I can take a look!


Just wanted to apologize to everyone who came to my table at AR today and found me either mute, asleep, or not there at all — I’m currently very sick and as a result arrived late at the con and left early. S-sorry aaaaa I feel really terrible for being so antisocial today ;;

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