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I'm Rose/友紀! 19 years old and an epic loser. I draw things and occasionally reblog things and occasionally respond to posts with my boring opinions. English OK, 日本語OK, other languages varying levels of not so OK.

this loser     

new poster for fanexpo! Q D Q I didn’t have it at the con yesterday oops trying to get it rush printed like a moron

new poster for fanexpo! Q D Q I didn’t have it at the con yesterday oops trying to get it rush printed like a moron

Oh gosh uh

Totally forgot to mention I’ll be at Fanexpo this weekend with peachmaiden! We’re table a150 I think —

yuumiho asked: Hi Rose!! I really like your art skill and was just wondering how you developed your art style? It's really pretty and I really enjoy looking at your blog :D

Hi there!! Thank you so much! Um my art style has changed pretty drastically over the years as my clothing style and personal interests have changed…. I used to be more into a punk aesthetic and my really really old art reflects that (I did a sketch redraw of an old picture somewhere that I should finish too but it was…. quite odd). I guess as I’ve matured and the anime and manga that I’ve been into has changed my style has developed? I also notice my style going in somewhat of the same direction as a bunch of my friends so it might also be similar interests and close contact with those people eheh ;;

superauni asked: Hope I made it for the question hour thing! I hope you get more free time to sleep and good luck with everything. I was wondering if there's any art schools in the Vancouver area you would recommend? I saw your post on Emily Carr but do you have any advice for someone who wants to go into the art field? Thanks so much (:

Ahh hi! I think in the Vancouver area Emily Carr might actually be one of the best bets, although Langara also has art programs and there’s also VCAD! I think the programs at UBC and UVIC that are Fine Arts are more academically geared, so if you’re tied to the Vancouver area and want to improve your art skills, it might be best to take a look at Carr regardless of my own poor opinion of it. ;;; they do provide resources like free life drawing sessions that really help you to improve skill if you take advantage of them ;;

As for going into the art field however, I’m not really sure if I’m the best one for advice ;;; I don’t actually have any immediate desire or plans to work professionally in the art field, I just went to art school because I needed an undergraduate degree. I do think that looking at which programs offer internships and which don’t would be really useful for your career goals though! ;; sorry I can’t be of more help

sailor moon pencil bag thingy!

I ordered them today and I’ve put them up as a preorder item on my shop, if you’re interested you can go preorder one! Q D Q 

h-hey guys ;; I jumped on the bandwagon and drew a sailor moon pencil bag thingy! 

I actually… drew this just because I’m really art blocked right now and wanted to do something fun for myself but I’m gonna be ordering a couple of them for friends and myself and was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying one? ;; 

匿名 asked: Hi! I recently got accepted into Emily Carr and I just wanted to ask you about what foundation year was like and the courses that you took. However, what I am very curious about is whether or not Emily Carr focuses on technical skills or does it focus more on the concept of art because I am very unsure whether or not I want to go to Emily Carr. As an artist who solely wants to improve their technical skills, what would you advise me to do? Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

Hey there! I only completed one out of the two semesters (I took a leave of absence after the first semester out of intense dislike for the school), but firstly, here is a previous post in which I complain about my main reason for leaving the school. 

I was also mostly looking to improve my technical skills, and I think from that standpoint your satisfaction with the school would be limited at best, and would probably hinge largely on what prof you got for your art Core class.

Semester 1 of Emily Carr’s mandatory Foundation year has no elective courses (your Core class is chosen for you based on your portfolio contents). You take a Humanities core which is actually 3 separate classes, all academic, and then you also take a Creative Processes class, which focuses solely on concept. If you were lucky like me and managed to get the art Core you were most interested in (I got Visual Arts) then you might be able to learn some technical skills over the course of the semester, but that also tends to vary by prof. My prof really liked us to do a lot of life drawing, which was relatively beneficial, but I’ve heard of other profs who didn’t do so. In addition, my prof gave us a lot of really weird major assignments that focused mostly on concept (or rather, overcoming conceptual hurdles) than developing technical skill. 

Basically, if you’re looking to improve your technical drawing skill alone, you’re looking at 2/3 of your classes being completely non-beneficial to your end goals, and possibly 3/3 if you happen to get stuck with an art core that isn’t Visual Arts. Contrary to many people’s expectations about Media core, it’s mostly photography and camera-based media instruction, so people who go into Media core who are interested in the Animation program will most likely be disappointed by it (and if you show interest in the Animation program in your application, you’ll likely be placed in Media core. ;; )  

Edit : I should also add that you can’t take the same art core twice, so if you get Visual Arts the first semester, you’re required to take either Design or Media the second semester, which might not interest you. There are Illustration and Animation electives in second semester, but they fill up insanely fast and have limited spaces that are not at a class size that is at all reflective of the size of the student body.

匿名 asked: Will you be selling your new league of legends bookmarks online or exclusively at cons?

Hi! They are available to buy here on my storenvy! ;; They’re really really sparkly and the pictures didn’t really capture it well so I will post a video of it soon aaa thank you for your interest! 

Aaa bookmarks arrived!! Q D Q so excited they’re so shiny

Aaa bookmarks arrived!! Q D Q so excited they’re so shiny

匿名 asked: Are your commissions open?

Oh! Gosh I didn’t realise I hadn’t edited my commissions page to include slots list… um, they sort of are? I’ve gone and left one slot open, but they’re sort of open indefinitely, if people are interested. 

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